Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tutorial for Christmas Tag Wallet

Remember the Christmas Tag wallet I made back in April? Well a lot of people asked me how I did that and that gave me the idea to make it my June Tutorial so here goes. In case you missed the original post, here is what I'm talking about:
This is what it looks like closed:
 And here is what it looks like opened, you can see the slots for holding tags:

Okay, I didn't take pictures along the way of making my original wallet so I recreated it and of course, I don't have all the exact papers that I used the first time but here is what you'll need to make yours:

One piece of 8.5x10.75 piece of cardstock for the wallet
One piece of 2.5x 7 15/16 piece of cardstock for the belly band
Scoring Tool
Patterned paper
Stamps, ink, embellies...whatever you want.

Here's how to do it:
Take your piece of 8.5x10.75 piece of cardstock and score it along the short side at 1.25 and 7.25

On the long side, score it at .5, 3.5, 4, 7, 7.5, and 10.5
I traced the score lines in pencil to help you see them better:

Fold along all the score lines and place score tape or adhesive (score tape will stick better) on the four small  rectangles along each side

Remove the score tape backing and fold inward to make 6 small pockets- three on the top and three on the bottom

Decorate the pockets with patterned paper and fold up the wallet.

Make sure when you fold it, the side with the thinnest scored piece gets folded in first.

For the belly band, score the paper along the long side at 1.25 and 4 7/8 then turn the paper to the opposite long side and score at 3 5/8 and 7.25. Again I traced the scorelines, I hope you can see them

Fold on all score lines and use sticky tape to close up the band.
 Decorate the band as desired and fill your wallet with 12 of your favorite tags!
Here is mine, undecorated:
Sorry for the blurriness of some of these photos, my camera was NOT cooperating today.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing how to make this tag holder and hope that you'll try to make one for yourself.


  1. Awesome tutorial I really love the turorial

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