Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update on Super Sam

Have you noticed the picture I have on my sidebar about the Send them to Sam campaign? You can read about it HERE. This little 5 year old boy is BRAVELY fighting cancer. He's undergoing tons of tests and having to take unbelieveable amounts of medicine to fight this thing and through it all he manages to keep this bright smile:

If you get a chance, why not brighten this little boy's day with a card? The mailing address has changed and you should now send cards to:
Samual Humphries
27566 E. Elmhurst Pl.
Aurora, CO 80016

I assume that is his home address. Hopefully that means he's spending more time at home than in the hospital which would be great.


  1. Lori..thank you so much for passing this along. Thank you also for your support. I know each card that Sam gets makes him please keep them coming!! You are very kind to take a moment to post this on your blog!! THANK YOU!!

  2. Thank you Lori for posting an update. I have noted the address change and will continue sending cards to Samual.

  3. Oh I hope he still gets my card I think I just sent it to the old address two days ago. Hopefully they are forwarding them!