Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Free Morning

Today, a very rare thing is happening. My husband and all of my children are occupied for the entire morning. Weird. So that leaves me with a whole lot of free time which of course leads to the question: "What should I do?" Well, staying home and cleaning and doing laundry didn't sound like the best option so after I get my haircut, I'm going to Archiver's. I've only been there once or twice but only for short periods of time, always with other people so I've never actually taken my time and looked around and gotten inspired! That's really what I'm hoping for, inspiration. Maybe I'll find something there that will spur me on to get going on my scrapbook pages. Or maybe I'll be completely overwhelmed and my brain will shut down. ha ha


  1. Have fun! Love the blog. Let me know if you find some inspiration!

  2. Thanks! I hope I do...find some inspiration that is. The way I've been feeling lately, I think I'm more likely to go the "brain shutting down" route. :)

  3. At least your brain is functioning. Mine has been off all week. :) I just looked through all my scrapbooking stuff last week when I cleaned out my closet. I haven't scrapbooked my 06 Nike Marathon! I'm BEHIND! I wish I could go with you and get some inspiration too -- or a margarita!