Friday, June 19, 2009


I found this great tutorial by Jen del Muro for these cute little pizza boxes. I think it will be a fun gift box for Father's Day. I'm going to put little pieces of candy in it for John...he likes Laffy Taffy and I think a bunch of those will fit perfectly in here. I can think of lots of other uses for this box so it will definitely be something I make more of in the future. I am totally "bow challenged" so the bow looks a little catty-wompus, but it was really the best I could do!

There are still spots left in PAY IT FORWARD so scroll down to that post and leave a comment so I can send you a surprise!


  1. I love it. Any chance you can take a side view picture? I'd love to see the sides of the box. Are there support groups for the "bow challenged". I think you can get help for that. I love the so funny sign too.

  2. Sure, I'll take a side view and post it for you to see. I think there should be a support group for the BC. Would you be in the group too-or are you a good bow-tier?

    I know, that sign cracks me up!

  3. Hey, your bows are better than mine. I'm really bow challenged. No matter, I love the box.


  4. Nope...totally bow challenged! I'd be the leader of that group. How big is the box? It looks big or is that the perspective of the photo?

  5. Chris- No, it's small. I must have taken the pic on the "panoramic" setting. ha ha It's about 4x4x1.