Friday, August 6, 2010


See that Super Sam picture over on the sidebar? In case you didn't notice, Sam is a little boy, five years old, fighting cancer. Well, SOME SUPER GOOD NEWS! Here is an update from his Facebook Page:
SAM’S PET SCAN WAS CLEAR, WITH NO SIGNS OF CANCER! He is scheduled to get his Broviac (central line) removed on Monday. He will stay on antibiotics for the next six months, and he will see his oncologist every month for the next year. If he experiences a recurrence, it will mostly likely be in the next eighteen months, so we will be on pins and needles until we clear that hurdle. But otherwise, he will be back to his usual routine, going back to school, and turning six next month. We are amazed that in under three months, he had surgery, was diagnosed, treated, and is now clear of cancer
How great is this? I'm so happy for Sam and for his family. You can read more about Sam HERE on his Facebook page. Sam and his family are all very grateful for the cards and letters everyone sent him to encourage him in his fight.

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